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Kellogg's - Venue Finding Service

Accomplished Events Ltd provided a fast and very cost-effective solution to our venue finding this year. Previously we have searched and booked venues internally and it is has always been a time consuming task for the team. Accomplished Events provided a variety of options that all fitted our brief perfectly in a remarkably short time frame. The rates negotiated were also fantastic - I would definitely recommend them on this basis alone!


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Bespoke Event Black Cab Tour of London

Team Building

Mission: To create a bespoke tour of London for a group of 30 VIP journalists. The delegates were of multiple nationalities and had frequented London on business before. The sites included on the tour were to be of traditional "real" London - creative and fun however not tourist attractions. The delegates had a 2hr time frame to work with and wanted something unique to them that really showcased the "true spirit" of historical London.

Accomplished: We created and delivered a completely unique tour of London using traditional black hackney carriages as both an authentic and time imperative mode of transport. Focusing on five traditional historic spots of London such as the oldest pub in the capital, areas frequented by Jack the Ripper and even the first jellied eel stall to be established we had costumed and scripted actors at each location to welcome the guests and deliver accurate information about the area.  Guests also got to taste traditional English ale and fresh jellied eels to accompany the journey through historic London! The guests were engaged and intrigued at each new point of interest and they ended with a guided taster tour round Borough Market and in a traditional English restaurant. Guests commented that the tour was extremely interesting and gave them a whole new perspective on London.

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