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Kellogg's - Venue Finding Service

Accomplished Events Ltd provided a fast and very cost-effective solution to our venue finding this year. Previously we have searched and booked venues internally and it is has always been a time consuming task for the team. Accomplished Events provided a variety of options that all fitted our brief perfectly in a remarkably short time frame. The rates negotiated were also fantastic - I would definitely recommend them on this basis alone!


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Case Study

Effective Communication Workshop Investment Bank

To help improve communication within a small team of senior staff members


Experiential Learning Workshops

Experiential learning can be defined as ‘Developing personal understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes through the analysis of, and reflection on  activity’.

Set within a facilitated environment, teams are tasked and challenged through the use of targeted experiential activities and facilitator led discussion.  The experience provides the platform for learning while the careful analysis and reflection of the experience develops the learning. In these sessions our trainers encourage individuals to work things out for themselves through the learning, rather than being taught. Because of this focus it is easier for the participant to; understand and absorb the learning, relate to and value its potential, make links to their personal situation, commit to testing out and subsequently apply their learning.

By using a fluid approach to experiential sessions client led targets can be broached and met, ensuring that the sessions have the desired outcomes whilst the needs of the participants are also recognised and explored.

Sessions can last from 4 hours to a full day and are designed bespoke to your key focus areas for learning. Games are drawn from the REAL Toolkit along with team building activities, which explore the key learning outcomes.

Here is a selection of some of our Experiential Learning Workshop topics:

Effective Communication
Goal Setting
Critical Thinking
Conflict Management
Problem Solving
Social Skills        
Coping with Change
Team Cooperation
Presentation Skills

And many more...

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