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Kellogg's - Venue Finding Service

Accomplished Events Ltd provided a fast and very cost-effective solution to our venue finding this year. Previously we have searched and booked venues internally and it is has always been a time consuming task for the team. Accomplished Events provided a variety of options that all fitted our brief perfectly in a remarkably short time frame. The rates negotiated were also fantastic - I would definitely recommend them on this basis alone!


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The Chocolate Apprentices

Event Details

Location: Indoors
Time: Daytime
Duration: 2 hr - 1/2 day
For: 20 - 50 People
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Can you and your team impress Wonky Chocolates plc by creating a brand new upmarket range of chocolates in this truly delectable event?!

Aiming to crack into the luxury chocolate market, Wonky Chocolates plc is currently a household name in the low-cost chocolate market, so it’s up to you and your team to create and market the right product and branding to launch into this new venture!

Responsible for the product creation as well as branding, you will have a number of parameters that you must work within but the quality of your output at the end of the task will be entirely down to your powers of resourcefulness, creativity an engagement. The more you are able to find solutions outside your normal ways of working will directly impact the quality of your solution. The proof of your team’s efforts however will essentially be in the pudding!

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