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Kellogg's - Venue Finding Service

Accomplished Events Ltd provided a fast and very cost-effective solution to our venue finding this year. Previously we have searched and booked venues internally and it is has always been a time consuming task for the team. Accomplished Events provided a variety of options that all fitted our brief perfectly in a remarkably short time frame. The rates negotiated were also fantastic - I would definitely recommend them on this basis alone!


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Swing Into Action

Event Details

Location: Indoors
Time: Daytime
Duration: 1 hr - 2 hr
For: 10 - 100+ People
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Do you want to have a fun event whilst also helping those less fortunate, if yes, then this is the event for you. Each delegate will be asked to bring 5 – 10 items of canned and dried goods. These food items will then form the basis of their golf course.

Each team will be asked to create a hole; they must design and build their part of the golf course and a putter purely out of the food packaging. The teams will then combine all their holes to create a mini golf course, each team will then compete to complete the course in the least amount of shots. All the canned and dried goods will then be donated to a charity of your choice after the event.

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