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Accomplished Events Ltd provided a fast and very cost-effective solution to our venue finding this year. Previously we have searched and booked venues internally and it is has always been a time consuming task for the team. Accomplished Events provided a variety of options that all fitted our brief perfectly in a remarkably short time frame. The rates negotiated were also fantastic - I would definitely recommend them on this basis alone!


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The Crystal Labyrinth RSA

Team Building

Mission: To culminate a morning of offsite strategic development sessions with a laid back, fun afternoon activity which encouraged team bonding, communication, time management and problem solving. The client selected the Crystal Labyrinth due to the range of games available focusing on the following key areas: Skill, Physical, Mental and Mystery.  

Accomplished: Our Crystal Labyrinth was perfect for the client’s objectives as the different tasks were able to test the skills highlighted to us in the brief.  The event began with an intense and competitive archery session as the group split into two teams.  The session tested the team’s ability to grasp a new skill and their accuracy and performance under pressure. The teams fulfilled a number of other challenges in the various zones, one mental example being our Human Chess game. This was a problem-solving task which required a clear and concise strategy and the determination from each team to see it through. One team gained a crystal in this zone while the other ran out of time! Our marble run task which was a skill game and which both teams completed successfully, focused on detail, timing and accuracy. With four other games focusing on the clients key skill areas, the event was relevant to the learning outcomes of both the morning session and a great way to bond outside of the workplace!

“We were all very excited about the event and it didn’t disappoint!  The archery session was a clever opening activity as immediately we all got into a competitive mindset. What we really enjoyed was the variation of games. The four areas of mystery, mental, skill and physical meant that there were enough tasks to engage everyone and allow each person to shine. ”

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